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Having a shed on a concrete slab

Sheds are a popular addition to any property, providing additional storage space for all things big, small and otherwise. For tools, equipment, and other household items. However, when it comes to building a shed, choosing the right foundation is critical to ensuring its longevity and stability. One popular option is to have a shed on a concrete slab.

There are many different types of sheds that can be built on a concrete slab, including the classic gable roof, and narrow slider sheds, workshops, and garages. Bigger Sheds, including Commercial and Farming sheds also require a concrete slab.

The cost of a concrete slab varies depending on the size of the shed, and how much surface area it will need to be supported. For a standard 3m x 3m shed, the average cost is $400.

Do I need a concrete slab?

Whatever size, shape, colour of shed you have, it’s very likely that it will need a strong foundation to support it. A concrete slab provides a solid, level surface for your shed, ensuring that it is not vulnerable to shifting or settling over time. Without a concrete foundation, the shed may shift, leading to potential damage or even collapse. A concrete slab is also essential if you plan on using your shed for heavy-duty storage or as a workspace, as it provides a stable base for equipment and machinery.

How do I anchor a shed to a concrete slab?

To ensure that your shed is securely anchored to the concrete slab, it's important to use the right anchoring techniques. There are different methods to choose from, the most common are concrete fixings. The type of anchor you choose will depend on the size and weight of your shed, as well as the composition and thickness of the concrete slab.

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Waterproofing a shed on a concrete slab

A shed on a concrete slab can be vulnerable to water damage, which can lead to rust and corrosion of the steel, no one wants a rusty shed, right?. A good option is a rebated concrete slab. A rebated slab has a step in the slab; the top part of your slab will be the floor of your shed, and the wall panels will sit on the lowered or ‘rebated’ edge, which will keep water from settling around the edge of the shed. You can also add a layer of waterproof membrane between the shed and the concrete slab, as well as seal any gaps or cracks that may allow water to seep in.

If you’ve purchased an EasyShed garden shed, refer to your EasyShed assembly instructions for precise dimensions and diagrams, or ask one of our team members for some assistance when preparing your foundation.

Got a slab in the backyard? Make it a feature with a 100% Aussie made and owned Garden Shed. We offer a wide variety of sheds designed for different purposes, and our team of experts can help you choose the right shed for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

In conclusion, having a shed on a concrete slab is an important investment for anyone looking to add extra storage or workspace to their property. With the right foundation, anchoring, and waterproofing techniques, your shed can provide years of reliable use and protection for your belongings.

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