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Indoor Plants and Vegetables for Your Shed

Indoor Plants and Vegetables for Your Shed

Adorn your garden shed with these indoor plants and vegetables.

They will help purify the air and spruce up your garden shed. You’ll also be able to grow food all year round.

In this article we cover off some of the best indoor plants and vegetables to grow in your shed.

Plants to decorate your shed

  • Succulents

    Succulents such as cacti survive indoor conditions with minimal effort. Their eye-catching foliage, thick stems and enlarged roots allow them to hold a lot of water so there’s no need to water them regularly. If you see the leaves start to shrink or pucker, or if their shiny leaves begin to appear dull, that’s the time you should water them.

    To water succulents, shove a finger into the soil two knuckles deep and make sure it’s dry. Apply enough so it runs out drainage holes. Empty the drainage saucer so that the plants don’t sit in them as too much water will kill a succulent.

  • Pothos

    Jokingly known as “the perfect houseplant for people who kill house plants,” Pothos are great for people who have no interest in gardening. Also known as the Devil’s Ivy, this leafy vine does not need much caring for. Put them anywhere in your shed, water them once a week, and you’re good to go. Give your backyard shed that homey touch with this very convenient plant.

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Fiddle leaf figs are currently the “it” plant of the interior design world. They are known for their large, rubbery leaves. They can grow to around 2 meters tall when housed in a large container so make sure the wall heights of your garden shed are tall enough.

    Caring for the Fiddle leaf fig is pretty simple. They need a warm shed, and they should be placed near the window. They won’t require too much water since too much water will lead to root rot. Just keep them steadily moist and away from direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn.

  • Snake Plant / Saint George’s Sword

    Nicknamed in jest as the Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata),thisbeautiful plant with its long sword-shaped leaves, is a tough one. It needsverylittle water, once a month will do, and can be placed anywhere in yourbackyardshed.

    Another “it” plant of the interior design world, the Mother-in-law’s Tongue can tolerate many conditions.

    Other indoor plants that you can grow in your shed are Aloe, Spider Plant, English Ivy and Jade Plant to name a few. These plants are low-maintenance, perfect for indoor conditions and will clean up the air in your garden shed and make it more pleasant.

  • Vegetables to grow in your shed

    With the right gear and setup, you could grow any vegetable inside your garden shed. Vegetables grow best when they receive lots of sunlight. If you don’t have a sunny garden shed window, or skylight, grow lights are an option. They are a great replacement as they provide the right amount of light and temperature regardless of weather conditions.

  • Lettuce

    Lettuce is easy to grow indoors and is a great way to introduce kids to gardening. All you’ll need is a large gallon-size plastic bag, plotting soil and the lettuce seeds.

    Puncture a few small holes around the plastic bag; small enough for water to drain. Sprinkle 1-2 dozen seeds, while pinching some of the seeds, and spread them all over the surface of the soil. Add an additional 1/8-inch soil over the seeds, and spray the seeds with just enough water to keep the soil moist. Cover the top, leaving it about an inch open, and place it in a sunny window. Wait for the seeds to germinate which usually takes a few days to a week, then remove the cover and open the bag. Keep spraying the soil to keep it moist for a few more weeks, then harvest the loose-leaf lettuce. Bon Appétit!

  • Potatoes

    You can create a DIY potato tower or potato bag to grow potatoes inside your garden shed. They can be grown vertically which is great if you have limited indoor space. You can grow several pounds of potatoes in just a few square feet of space.

    Growing them in potato bags and towers also make it easier to harvest them. Unlike growing them outdoors, you don’t have to dig through several hundred feet of dirt to collect your potatoes.

    Keep the soil evenly moist and use grow lights when producing them indoors since they do love sunlight.

  • Carrots

    When planting carrots indoors, place them in large buckets and containers for them to thrive in. Use loose soil that is rich in organic material. Keep the soil moist, and place them in a sunlit window, or use grow lights.

    Once the seeds start to grow, water the soil only when it’s dry at a depth of 1 inch. Start feeding them regularly when they reach a height of 3 inches.

  • Herbs

    Herbs need a lot of natural light, so placing them in a sunny spot near a window is best. They need at least 4 hours of sun daily. They will also flourish in grow lights.

    Most herbs are happy with indoor temperatures of 18° - 21° Celsius. You only need to water most herbs when the soil surface is dry. Observation is key.

    Don’t let them sit in a saucer of water to prevent root rot, and don’t shock them with cold tap water. The water should be at about room temperature.

There are so many other vegetables that you can grow in your garden shed. Vegetables such as peas, beans, spinach and tomatoes can also be grown indoors. It might take a bit of financial investment, but with the right equipment, you’ll be able to produce your own vegetables inside your garden shed all year round.

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