Great Ideas for Your Workshop Shed

Great Ideas for Your Workshop Shed

Here are a few inspiring ideas for your workshop shed. Aside from storing your goods and equipment, workshop sheds like our EasyShed Workshops, can be used for a multitude of things. From setting up an indoor garden, creating the perfect DIY office space or just being a place to relax and unwind, the only limit is your imagination. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Make passive income with your extra storage space

Have a workshop shed that you no longer use? Turn that space into passive income by leasing it to others who need storage. will allow you to do that. It helps people looking for storage to find people that have a secure storage unit that they could use. See our post “Make Money from your Garden Shed with Spacer” for more info.

Build your own bar

It’s a great way to entertain your friends and family. Get a few bar stools and comfy sofas, some ambient lighting, stock your favourite drinks and you’re all set! You’ll be sure to impress your guests when you open up the workshop to reveal your own outdoor bar. Cheers!

Set up your own gym

Get your gym equipment all set up within your workshop shed and turn it into your very own gym. A full-sized mirror and some speakers would add fun and motivation to the space. Having it outside means you don’t have to bother your family or roommate with any noise. Ideal!

Work from home

Escape the daily grind and achieve work-life balance by turning your workshop into a home office. All that time spent getting ready to go to work every day will turn into productive hours by working from home. You’ll get so much done, be able to spend more time with your family and you can even work in your pyjamas! Just make your letter of request to work at home for your boss a good one.

Turn it into a gardener’s delight

Make it a place to pursue your passion for gardening by using it as an indoor garden shed to grow your favourite plants and vegetables. With the right gear, you can grow any plant or vegetable all year round. Grow lights are a great replacement for sunlight because they provide the right amount of light and temperature, regardless of outdoor or indoor weather conditions. Read up on our post, “Indoor Plants and Vegetables for your Shed.”

Build the workshop that you’ve been dreaming of

Go ahead and set up your dream workshop to finally tackle those DIY projects and hobbies that you’ve been wanting to. Set it up, and when it’s just right, you can disconnect from the world as you get lost in your projects. Make sure to read up on our Tool Organisation Hacks for your Workshop post and the Best Lighting Options for your Garden Shed to get organised and keep you working into the night to get those projects finished.

Other creative ideas are turning it into a home recording studio to jam and record your future award-winning album, or a disco shed to practice your ballroom dancing skills. There are endless possibilities for your workshop shed.

Great Ideas for your Workshop Shed in Summary

These are just a few ideas on making the most of your Workshop Shed. Since workshop style sheds tend to have a larger footprint, the possibilities open up to get creative. Think outside the box, and you can really enjoy your space for years to come. It’s not just for storage – it can be anything you dream of (well almost!).