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No-Waste Gardening

No-Waste Gardening

Looking for tips on how to grow an eco-friendly garden? Go Green with our No-Waste Gardening tips. We’ll show you environmentally-friendly ways to grow your garden with the least amount of waste.

Gardens consume several resources such as water and fertilizers. With these zero-waste gardening tips, you can help the environment and save money on garden maintenance.

Use water efficiently

  • Grow plants that are native to your region.

    Regionally native plants are adapted to local temperature and rainfall so you won’t need to water them as much. They will also eliminate your need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides since they are evolved to deal with native pathogens. You can go to to find the best native plants to grow in your area.

  • Recycle rainwater.

    You can use a rain barrel or get a large covered container and place it directly below the gutter downspout to catch rainfall. Use it to fill watering cans or connect them to hoses to use for your garden.

  • Only water at the right time.

    Only water your garden when you need to. To check if your plants need watering, check the soil about a spade-deep down. If it’s dry, it’s time to water.

  • Install an irrigation system.

    Once you have an irrigation system in place, make sure to inspect clogs or any damages in the lines. Regularly check your irrigation system so you use water more efficiently.

  • Take care of your soil.

    Mulching is a great way to take care of your soil. You’ll be able to retain moisture in the soil keeping it cool and will suppress weeds.

Replace chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides with compost

Not only are chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides bad for your health and the environment, they are also additional costs that you can get rid of. Eliminate your need for chemical fertilizers by composting your kitchen food waste, leaves and landscape trimmings. They will provide you with free, high-quality soil amendments that will help improve your plants’ growth and health.

Support your pollinators and get a thriving garden in return. Pollinators such as butterflies and bees will help your plants to make fruit or seeds. Plant flowers such as wild lilac, goldenrod and lemon balm to attract these pollinators.

Use eco-friendly gardening tools

Invest in eco-friendly gardening tools or purchase second-hand tools that are still in good condition. Gardening tools made of recycled material such as gardening gloves, second-hand spades and bamboo rakes can be easily found online or at your local garden centre. Replace your gas and electric powered lawn mowers with a push reel mower which has zero carbon footprint. By using eco-friendly tools, not only will you help the environment, you will also save money in the long run.

Support Recycled Products

Not only can you get good quality second hand/recycled gardening tools, the same can be said for your garden décor. Shop second-hand stores or online garage sales to snag a bargain for your garden furnishings such as pots, planters, and even outdoor furniture! You can also Recycle all kinds of everyday packaging and containers to use as planters for your garden. When you’re done with your items, pay it forward and donate for someone else to use.

Hopefully, these tips will help motivate you to create your own no-waste garden. Keep your gardening tools safe and secure with an EasyShed garden shed. You have 25 colours to choose from to easily match the colours of your home and garden. Our steel sheds are also built to last and come with a lifetime warranty. Have a look at our shed deals here.

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