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Tips for Buying Your Garden Shed Online

Tips for Buying Your Garden Shed Online

These days, buying a garden shed online has never been easier. You can simply and securely purchase a garden shed from the comfort of your home. However, with so many shed models to choose from, it’s hard to find the perfect one for your needs and budget. If you’re in the market for a new outdoor storage shed, workshop or garage, take these tips into consideration before you purchase.

And be sure to shop the online shed sales to get the best deals out there!

Price vs. Quality

When buying a garden shed online, don’t let the price be the only determining factor. Cheap prices can be very tempting, but it may cost you more in the long run due to poor quality. EasyShed garden sheds are 100% Australian made from 0.35mm-thick BlueScope steel which is very durable by garden shed standards, and they come with a lifetime warranty so you know you’re covered. EasyShed garden sheds are built tough, to last.

Intended Purpose

How do you plan to use your garden shed? What items and equipment do you plan to store? Determining these will give you an idea of the size, colour, design and accessories that you will need in a garden shed. Garden sheds are great for organising and storing your goods, but they’re also great to use as a dedicated workshop, a man-cave, a she-shed, for growing plants and so much more.

The Right Size

Once you’ve determined how you’re going to utilise your shed, you’ll need to survey the available space that you have in your backyard. You can calculate how much space you’ll need by making a list of items that you plan to store, lay them on the ground, and measure them. Add extra space for moving around inside your garden shed and for future items that you’ll accumulate over time. The contents of your shed will gradually build up so make sure you allow the space for it now. You will save money in the long run, as it will be cheaper than investing in a new shed once you’ve run out of storage space.

Have a look at this EasyShed 3m x 3m Gable Roof model which is a favourite with our customers. The size is ideal for storing all kinds of goods, and the pitched roof design makes it easy to move around in.

Colour Selection

A garden shed affects the overall appearance of your property so make sure you choose a colour and design that complements your home. When choosing a colour, keep in mind the environment and the landscape that will surround your outdoor shed. Choose muted colours if you want to spotlight the details of your backyard garden. Deeper colours are ideal for cooler climates. Currently, the most popular choice for Australian backyards is Grey.

Here at EasyShed, you will find the perfect garden shed colour for your home. We are the only manufacturer that offers a diverse range of 25 colours to make matching the colour of your EasyShed with your fencing, roofing or home exterior easy! Read our blog, “Choosing the Right Colour for your Garden Shed,” for tips on selecting a colour for your shed.

Shed Style

Choose a backyard shed design that will help you to achieve maximum storage capacity and ensure that your goods will be kept in pristine condition. We have seven steel shed designs to meet your lifestyle, budget and storage requirements:

  • Gable

    Our Gable Roof garden shed models have a pitched roof design with two sloping sides that meet towards the centre and have a gable at each end. This type of roof allows for greater storage capacity and additional headroom for easier movement inside your shed. EasyShed Workshops and Garages also come with this type of roof design.

    Shop the EasyShed Gable Roof garden shed range.

  • Skillion

    Unlike the Gable, the Skillion Roof garden shed only has one single flat surface that’s 2.1m high at the entry and slopes down to the 1.8m high back wall. This type of roof design is ideal for our taller customers and ensures effective rainwater run-off away from the entry.

    Shop the EasyShed Skillion Roof garden shed range.

  • Flat

    The design of the Flat Roof is a single horizontal surface that has no pitch. They are space-efficient shed kits that are ideal for limited spaces.

    Shop the EasyShed Flat Roof garden shed range.

  • Tall Door

    Tall Door EasyShed garden sheds come with a standard 2.12m door height that can house a full-sized ladder and tall sporting equipment. This type of design is available for the EasyShed Gable, Flat, Garage and Workshop sheds.

    Shop the EasyShed Tall Door garden shed range.

  • Off The Wall

    Our Off The Wall sheds are another range of garden sheds that are ideal for limited spaces. They do not come with a back-wall panel and are intended to be set up against your wall or fence to maximise your backyard space.

    Shop the EasyShed Off The Wall garden shed range.

  • Storm Sheds

    EasyShed Storm Sheds come with a Gable roof and a high-strength ribbed cyclone frame design. They are designed to withstand winds of up to 316 km/hr and can ride out Category 5 cyclone conditions. Rated in Australia for Region D, Terrain Category 2. They are the toughest on the market and ideal for regions where extreme weather is frequent.

    Shop the EasyShed Storm Shed range.

  • Sliding Door

    Yet another space-saving garden shed, the Sliding Door range features high-quality EasyShed sliding doors that make accessing your shed’s contents in a tight space easy as can be. It also has reverse Skillion roof design that will give you additional headroom and storage space at the rear.

    Shop the EasyShed Sliding Door range.


Before finalising your purchase, make sure you consider adding practical accessories that can help to customise your garden shed to your needs.

Adding a Skylight or a Window Unit is a great idea to bring in natural lighting and ventilation in your EasyShed.

The Sliding Door Kit upgrade may be a better option for you than the standard hinged door if you have limited backyard space.

Make sure to secure your EasyShed in place by getting enough Concrete Fixing Sets or Anchoring kits.

Adding a Shed Ramp will allow you to easily manoeuvre your equipment.

The Flooring system is an affordable alternative to a concrete slab and will provide a solid and level surface to work on.

Organise your tools and goods with hanging or standing shelving. Consider our J Hooks, Tool Holder or Standing Shelving.

Shop Securely

Here at EasyShed, we make sure that your online purchases are easy and secure. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to ensure your payment details and purchases are tightly guarded. SSL technology ensures that there is an encrypted link between our server and your browser so that all data that is passed between them remain private.

You also have various payment options to choose from. We currently accept zipPay, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and direct deposit payments.

We make buying a garden shed online easy and secure for you. With our wide range of garden shed sizes and colours, we’re sure to have an EasyShed that will meet your lifestyle and storage needs. Shop our deals and get an EasyShed today!

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