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Self-Tapping Screws vs. Pre-Drilled Holes

Self-Tapping Screws vs. Pre-Drilled Holes

EasyShed DIY garden shed kits come with our ScrewSAFE® self-tapping screws to ensure a fast, easy assembly, and a more structurally sound outdoor storage shed. While other steel shed manufacturers provide pre-drilled holes on their sheets, studies have shown that the use of self-tapping screws is a better method when it comes to assembling a steel garden shed. Years ago, we researched extensively to determine what assembly method would be best for our customers. Let’s go into more detail as to why EasyShed’s ScrewSAFE® assembly method is the best option.

What are self-tapping screws?

Self-tapping or self-drilling screws allow you to secure your wall sheets together without the need of pre-drilling the sheets. The screw will do that for you since it can drill and tap its own thread, thus saving you time and energy while eliminating the stress of trying to align pre-drilled holes when putting up your shed.

Our ScrewSAFE® self-tapping screws ensures that the structural integrity of your EasyShed will stand the test of time. Great for all-weather conditions, they are specifically built for EasySheds and will outperform any other fastening system.

Why we use self-tapping screws

While pre-drilled holes sound great when it comes to assembling a shed, there are major complaints about them throughout the shed industry. The holes often do not line up correctly, resulting in a more frustrating build with additional steps needed to join the sheets. This wastes valuable time and can leave unsightly holes in your new steel sheets.

Pre-drilled holes can also result in a weaker, less secure build as the screws do not pull tight enough to ensure a good seal. As a result, water will be able to seep through and damage the contents of your shed.

Our research helped us to realise that by clearly identifying where to place self-tapping screws, the process of assembly is quicker and easier for our customers.

Using EasyShed’s ScrewSAFE® self-tapping screws ensures a faster, more durable assembly of your EasyShed, compared to the option of pre-drilled holes.

Watch our 5-Step Assembly videos to see our self-tappers in action here.

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