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Turning a Garden Shed into a Home Office

Want to turn your garden shed into a home office? EasyShed garden sheds, especially our Workshop range, are ideal for this purpose. Read on to find out our recommendations for turning a garden shed into a home office, and be one step closer to working from home.

Run power to your shed

You’ll need electricity to power up your office equipment and other gadgets to get work done. If you plan on installing the electricity yourself, make sure you proceed with extreme caution, and check your city building codes to ensure your project is compliant.

We recommend hiring a licensed electrician. It’s the easiest and safest way to get electricity running in your shed. Once you have power up, get the right lights for your shed to keep you productive day or night. Read our blog post on your best lighting options for your new home office.

Get proper heating and cooling

Heating and cooling are essential in a shed office. No one wants to work in a freezing office nor be left sweating indoors. You can insulate your home office by using thin micro-perforated wall wraps or a foil ‘bubble’ style insulation to place on the walls and the roof of your shed.

You can also hire a professional to get the best heating and cooling solutions for your new home office. Properly insulating your shed office will keep moisture out and will protect your office equipment and other valuables.

Waterproof your home office

Make sure to waterproof your home office to prevent water from coming in during wet weather. From the inside of your shed office, you can use a silicone sealant to seal around the base of the shed. Sealing from the inside will help with future drainage of water and moisture.

While sealing your shed, take the opportunity to check for problem areas where water might be able to seep through. Plug up any holes and strengthen where needed. Replace any rusted doors and windows. You can read our blog post, “Waterproofing Your Garden Shed” for more tips on making your garden shed waterproof.

Pest proof your shed

Snakes, rats, spiders, cockroaches are not only annoying pests that can damage your shed and equipment, they can also harm your health. Having a concrete slab as the foundation of your backyard office shed will prevent pests from digging their way into your shed.

Seal all holes and cracks with stainless steel scouring pads and caulking to prevent any pests from getting through. Place a steel mesh wire over the openings for added protection.

Make sure to also clean up after office hours. Get rid of trash and wood that are in and around your home office as these tend to attract pests.

Secure your home office

Keep your home office and your equipment safe by properly securing it. Always keep it locked when not in use. Thieves and intruders are always looking for an easy target and an open shed is just asking for trouble. Get a strong padlock or place sensors on the doors and windows so that you are immediately alerted of any break in.

You can also put up curtains or blinds to prevent anyone from getting a glimpse of your shed’s contents. You find more tips on how to secure your garden shed in our blog post here.

Decorate your office

Now that you’re working from home, you can decorate your backyard office shed to match your personal style. You can now put on display your favourite posters, pictures, quotes, indoor plants and anything else that you wish! Create a positive and productive work environment while adding a homey and relaxing touch to your new home office. Make it a place where you’re happy and motivated to go each day to work.

Make it a place that constantly reminds you that turning your garden shed into a home office was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

Shop our Truss Roof Workshops, Garage Sheds or even our larger Garden Sheds and turn your dreams into reality.

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