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Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts for the Man of the House

Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts for the Man of the House

Ditch the flowers and the chocolates this Valentine’s Day and create these unique and meaningful DIY gifts for the man of the house.

While we think a garden shed is the perfect gift ;)
handmade gifts are very fulfilling to both the giver and the receiver. Show him how much you truly appreciate him by recreating and personalising any of these DIY gifts that he won’t find at the local store.

Will you “Beer” my Valentine?

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If he loves his beer, he’ll get a bang out of these beer flowers! You can turn his favourite 6-pack into a memorable Valentine’s Day gift in less than 30 minutes. All you’ll need is beer, fake flowers and a pair of scissors.

Go to 30 Minute Crafts to read the tutorial.

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

Image Source: DIY Enthusiasts

If tea is his drink, make heart-shaped tea bags for your special man this Valentine’s Day. The materials that you’re going to need are his favourite tea, fillable tea bags, a teaspoon, thread, a sewing needle, a pair of scissors, coloured sheets of paper and a pencil. Create these heart-shaped tea bags to remind him of you whenever he drinks his tea.

Read DIY Enthusiasts’ picture tutorial here where there are step by step pictures on how you can easily create these.

Chalkboard Mugs

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Create a chalkboard mug for him to enjoy his heart-shaped tea bags even more! The layer of chalkboard paint applied on the mug will allow you to write a new heartfelt, funny, or crazy message for him every day of the week.

To get started on this fun DIY project, read Pretty Handy Girl’s tutorial here.

DIY Travel Toiletries Bag

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For the man who travels a lot, this DIY travel toiletries bag is a must-have. It’s not just great for toiletries. He can use it to store medicines, cables, chargers and craft supplies. Since it’s DIY, you can adjust the pocket size to fit whatever he needs.

To get started on this fun and useful DIY travel bag, all you’ll need are durable cotton or cotton blend decorative fabric, lightweight felt, bias binding, a sewing machine and some pins.

Read The Crafty Gentleman’s tutorial here to get started.

DIY Leather Catch-all Tray

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Use scrap leather and a handful of rivets to create this cool catch-all tray for his keys, rings and pocket change. They make great organisers for small clutter that’s usually scattered all over the place. You can also make different sizes and place them at different locations in your home.

To learn how to make this, read eHow’s tutorial here.

Metallic and Wood Pencil Holder

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The Metallic and Wood Pencil Holder will be perfect for his workspace. It’s functional and looks cool. Not only does the metal pan underneath complete the whole sophisticated look, it could also be used as a catch-all for his paperclips, notes, pens, and more.

If you’re comfortable using a Dremel and a handsaw, check out The Casual Craftlete’s tutorial on how to create this stylish pencil holder.

DIY Photo Frame

Image Source: DIY Enthusiasts

Steal his heart this Valentine’s Day by creating a DIY photo frame that can’t be bought at any store. Use tape and spray paint to create a unique pattern, then include your favourite photo of you and your special guy. Make it more beautiful by placing a string of heart-shaped coloured paper around the frame.

DIY Enthusiasts has a nice picture tutorial to help get you started.

EasyShed DIY Garden Shed

Make his man-cave dream come true this Valentine’s Day. Give the man of the house his own retreat and a space to call his own by getting him an EasyShed DIY garden shed.

They are much more than a storage facility. He can use it as a backyard getaway where he can enjoy his drink with his mates instead of going to the pub. He’ll also have a dedicated space to pursue his DIY projects by transforming it into his dream workshop. If he dreams of working from home, convert it into a home office to get business done while in his pyjamas. There are endless possibilities that you can do with a garden shed.

So go ahead and give him the ultimate gift this Valentine’s Day by getting him a durable EasyShed steel garden shed. Have a look at our affordable garden sheds online.

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