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7 Creative Uses for Your Shed

Aside from storing gardening equipment and clutter, you’d be amazed at how many wondrous possibilities you can do with a garden shed. With plumbing, insulation and electricity, it can be a whole other room in your backyard that you can use in any way you see fit.

Here are 7 creative uses for your shed that you can do to turn your storage shed into a one-of-a-kind creative space.

An Artspace

Transform your garden shed into an artspace or art studio. Creating art, whether you’re a painter or a sculptor, can get messy. It will give you a space to create without distraction and serve as a way to organise your supplies without leaving a mess in the home.

Converting a garden shed into an art studio is perfect for aspiring artists and families alike. Get the kids involved in creating their own masterpiece, and never have to worry about paint on the walls or glitter in the carpets!

An Outdoor Home Spa

If you’re looking for some needed rest and relaxation but don’t want to spend on expensive professional spa services, you could use your backyard shed as an outdoor home spa.

Save money and time by using an inflatable pool/spa. Set the mood by lighting some scented candles. If you have electricity running to your shed, you can add some mood lighting and play your favourite music too!

An outdoor home spa is a great idea for people who are looking for a little bit of indulgence after a stressful day.

A Games Room

Turning your backyard shed into a games room is a fantastic way to entertain your family and friends.

Depending on the size of your shed, you could fit a pool table, a dartboard, maybe even a table tennis table. You could create an arcade-style room, with pinball machines and skill testers. Or, if you’re into video gaming, install your TV, hook up your gaming console, bring in a comfy sofa then play to your heart’s content.

For ultimate comfort try having a sofa or a few chairs to sit in, a mini-fridge for your favourite drinks, and a stereo system.

A Home Cinema

Transforming your shed into a home cinema is a terrific idea if you want a dedicated room to watch your favourite movies or to binge-watch on your favourite Netflix series.

You will need to have a way to block out the light, electricity to power the screen and protection from the weather. Mount your large screen TV or project, hook up your preferred movie player, bring in a large comfortable sofa, heat up some popcorn, and you’re good to go!

Gather up the family and friends for a home movie experience! And please, turn off your mobile phones. Don’t be that guy.

An Observatory

If you like to look up at the night sky, convert your garden shed into an observatory. This may take some skill since you’ll need to modify the roof of your shed to get a clear view of the sky.

You could get some sort of mechanism installed that could raise the roof of your shed outwards, or maybe install some glass roof panels to see the sky with clarity.

Whichever way you choose to transform your shed, the results will most likely be amazing and worth your effort.

A Backyard Toilet

While some of you may wrestle with the idea of turning your shed into a backyard toilet, this would actually be useful for outdoor gatherings like a BBQ party.

Do you really want people tromping through your home with muddy, grass-stained shoes to get to the bathroom? A backyard toilet is an ideal solution to prevent this from happening.

So save your home, and be the perfect host for your guests by making it convenient for them to answer the call of nature.

Music Studio

If you love music, then you’ll love this idea. Be one step closer to getting into the ARIA Hall of Fame by transforming your garden shed into a music studio!

Get your musical instruments and set them up in your shed. Making your shed soundproof would be nice for your neighbours and will also improve recording quality when recording your songs.

By having a dedicated place to play, practice and make music without any interruptions, you’re sure to create something fulfilling. Turn your shed into a music studio and become a Rockstar in no time.

Don’t have a shed? Take a look at your EasyShed garden shed options here which are great to remodel into any of these creative ideas.

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