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How to Throw The Ultimate Aussie BBQ

Here is a guide on how to throw the ultimate Aussie BBQ!

Every true-blue Aussie should know how to throw a ripper BBQ. We’re known all over the world for our grilling prowess!

Read on to take your barbie hosting and grilling skills to the next level.

Your guest list

When it comes to backyard BBQ’s, the more the merrier! Just make sure that you have enough space outdoors where your guests can relax and unwind without getting into someone’s personal space.

A great host is warm, welcoming, and social. Make sure to mingle with everyone, and encourage everyone else to do the same. Having your barbie near to all the action is important because that’s what an Aussie BBQ is all about – gathering around to chat, share a beer, and to critique your mates cooking skills.

Be equipped for the job

You can grill almost anything with the right equipment. Get yourself a good tong and spatula set to become a meat-flipping master. If you’re hosting a breakfast barbie, use egg rings to make that perfectly round fried egg.

If your BBQ is looking a bit worn, reusable BBQ sheets are great for providing a clean surface to grill on. They make clean up easy, plus you’ll be able to take them with you to the park or beach for use on shared barbeques.

Marinating the meat

Marinate your meat for at least two hours to fully absorb the flavours. Just be careful with marinades that are made with citrus, vinegar, wine, or fruits such as pineapple and papaya. These acidic and enzymatic marinades can cause meat to toughen. Marinades that contain alcohol will also have the same effect. For these marinades, keep it under two hours and you should be good.

Once you’re done marinating, gently pat down the meat using a paper towel before you place them on the grill. If there is too much marinade, the meat will stew rather than sear.

Best grilling techniques

The ultimate Aussie BBQ will have several types of meat grilling. Whether they be sausages, steaks, lamb or seafood, here are great grilling techniques to make sure your barbie’s done right.

The right grilling temperature

Don’t go too hard too soon with the heat. You’ll run the risk of charring the outside meat while leaving the inside raw.

You can measure how hot the grill is by holding out your hand 10-12 centimetres above the grill. If the grill gets too hot for you in less than 2 seconds, the fire is cracking-hot, 3-5 seconds will tell you the grill is medium hot, while 6 seconds or more is warm.

How often should you turn the meat?

Even the best chefs can’t seem to agree on this. Some recommend turning the meat every 30 seconds, while others recommend turning it only once.

While we wait for them to figure this out, it is recommended to keep the poking to a minimum. Also, turn the meat quickly using tongs so you don’t allow the meat’s moisture to escape.

Healthy food options

While meat is the standard Aussie BBQ fare, give your guests some other options by offering prawns, large mushrooms and vegetable skewers. Not only are they healthy, they grill very well too.

You can also level up your healthy barbeque spread by grilling mangoes, bananas, pineapples or peaches. Yummy!

Caring for your barbie

While it’s tempting to walk away from your barbie once you’re finished with it, cleaning it will ensure you’ll be able to grill up many more BBQ spreads for years to come. Remove any baked-on residue while it’s still warm, empty the drip tray, and put on a fresh sheet of aluminium foil.

Once the barbie is cool enough, wash it with soap and water, then spray over the plates and grill with vegetable oil or cooking spray to prevent it from rusting. Keep it secure in your garden shed for next time.

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