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Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home

Are you thinking of celebrating New Year’s Eve from the comfort of your own home?

Make New Year’s Eve at home more fun and memorable with these ideas!

You don’t have to go out to have a great time with your friends and family.

  • Countdown Bags

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    Countdown bags are a terrific way to count down to the New Year!

    Simply decorate around 6 paper bags and label each bag with an hour leading up to the big event.

    Fill each bag with something fun for the whole family such as treats, noisemakers, puzzles, etc. Then every hour until midnight, get one of the family members to open a bag to enjoy what’s inside.

    It’s great fun for the whole family, most especially for the kiddos!

  • Balloon Drop

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    Nothing is more fun than a balloon drop to welcome the New Year!

    Make a DIY balloon drop by getting a plastic tablecloth, balloons, masking tape, and long pieces of ribbon or string.

    Secure the tablecloth to your ceiling or ceiling fan with the masking tape, and simply pull the string when it’s time. Everyone will love it!

  • Fun Snacks and Desserts

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    Make fun snacks and desserts such as cookies, toffee and marshmallows for you and the whole family to enjoy.

    You could also try out desserts from other cultures that are specific to New Year’s Eve. Vasilopita, a Greek New Year’s Eve cake, is baked with a coin hidden in the dough. Whoever gets the piece of cake with the coin will have good luck for the coming year.

    Just make sure that the coin is big enough to be seen and not eaten! Get the recipe here.

  • Playing Dress Up

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    Play dress up this New Year’s Eve!

    Have friends and family members dress up like you’re at a fancy party, or choose a theme on what you should wear this New Year’s Eve.

    Invite everyone to dress up like a certain decade – e.g. 70’s disco, or 80’s glam rock even! Chinese-themed clothes maybe?

    Whichever theme you choose, it will make for some great pictures and memories.

  • 20 Questions

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    Isn’t it amazing how another year has passed? You’re a year older, and hopefully a year wiser.

    Celebrating New Year’s Eve at home is a wonderful way to bond and reflect on how the year went with the whole family.

    Discuss these questions over a bowl of popcorn with your loved ones, and reminisce the good times and the bad, and be grateful for your life and the lives of the people that are sitting around you.

  • The Next Day

    Happy New Year! It’s time to clean up and store away all the noisemakers, ribbons, confetti and other materials that you used from your successful New Year’s Eve party at home. If you’re running out of storage space, consider a garden shed. Have a look at your EasyShed options here and make your home tidy, organised and clutter-free.

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