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Bike Storage – Why You Need It Now!

Cycling in Australia is growing in popularity. From the MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) to the active family who love the outdoors, bikes are part of the Aussie way of life. Finding secure storage for them can be challenging though, as bikes are awkward items that have a lot of fragile parts. They tend to get damaged and can cause injury when they’re not properly secured.

Taking up space in the garage is not an ideal place to store bikes and cycling equipment. They may be more prone to damage from knocks. Most people would rather use that space to park a vehicle or store other valuable equipment. In addition, a garage can sometimes be a luxury for people living in cities.

Storing your bikes in your home is another option, however, the sight of your muddy bike isn’t exactly appealing to the eye. Even if you have the luxury of space in your laundry or entryway to keep your bike, chances are it doesn’t really work with your home’s décor.

Simply locking your bike outside is an alternative that presents its own problems, as bikes are attractive to thieves and susceptible to damage from the elements.

That’s why bike sheds are the perfect storage solution for families and cycling enthusiasts alike. Bike storage sheds allow you to secure your cycling equipment away, reducing the risk of theft and protecting your bike from the elements. By having a dedicated storage shed for this purpose you’ll be able to free up your home and garage space.

Our EasyShed Garden Bike Shed is the perfect storage solution for securing your bikes and riding equipment. They are made from galvanised steel that prevents the shed from rusting, ensuring the weather-tight enclosure will keep your bikes protected from heat, water or snow.

The 2.25m (w) x 0.78m (d) x 1.31m (h) bike shed provides storage capacity for 2 standard bikes or 3-4 kids bikes, and additional bike gear. It has a multi-functional design with a sloping roof that lifts and comes with standard 1.5m hinged double doors for easy access and storage for your bikes.

Proudly Australian made from high-quality steel, have peace of mind in knowing that your ride is safe and secure in an EasyShed Garden Bike Shed. Have a look at our bike shed here.

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