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Choosing Your Shed Placement

Choosing Your Shed Placement

Where you place your shed might be the most important decision you make when purchasing a new garden shed. We’re here to help you make the best choice for your shed so you won’t regret it in years to come.

Consider the following key factors when deciding on your shed placement:


Pick a spot in your yard that is level, with no roots or clumps of rocks. You want to avoid any trip hazards when accessing your garden shed or workshop.

Consider the natural watercourse of your property and avoid areas where water often gathers. Make sure to avoid low spots on your property where water tends to collect. Alternatively, fill the area with gravel, dirt, or use a raised concrete slab to elevate your garden shed. Ensuring your sheds contents aren’t damaged due to rain is essential when planning where to place your storage shed.


Depending on the purpose of your garden shed, you will need to plan for the right level of accessibility. If you place your outdoor storage shed at the end of your garden, you will have to walk all the way out to your shed to get access to your tools. Is that convenient for you and your family? It may be better to have your garden shed located closer to your home for easier access to tools and equipment.

Also, make sure that you’ll have enough room around your shed to avoid headaches during assembly.


When considering your shed placement, pay attention to the sunlight on your property and how you can utilise this for lighting your garden shed. Natural lighting using skylights is an easy way to improve visibility inside your shed.

If you plan to place your shed in a shaded location, you may want to install electric lights to make your shed useable day or night. Here’s a post on some great lighting options for your garden shed to keep you productive any time of day.


If you’re going to place your shed in a sunny location, consider your local climate and the heat it may be exposed to. Installing some louvre windows can help with air flow and ensuring your tools, equipment and other valuables can take the heat.

Council Rules

You will need to be aware of your local council requirements such as the distance to boundaries and easements, exemptions, as well as council zoning and the intended use of your shed. These rules vary depending on your location so it’s best to contact your local council to ensure your shed is compliant.

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