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12 Bike Storage Ideas

One of the finest inventions is the bicycle. It allows you to travel around your neighbourhood or explore more of nature, using your own energy. Cycling is also an effective form of exercise that strengthens your lower body and improves cardiovascular health. This is why most of us Australians love our bikes.

Cycling enthusiasts take care of their bikes, and this starts with the proper storage of the two-wheel machines. Right now, you have two options: either you put your bike inside a bike shed or build your own bike storage somewhere in your house. This is to safekeep your bike and protect it from the outdoor elements.

Storing your bike is not as simple as parking it in your bedroom. It has to integrate with the room’s overall look and feel. If you have seen a bed that hides behind your wall in the morning and comes out of it in the evening, the same is possible with bikes. It can also blend in with the theme of your living room or garage. But if you have multiple bikes, a bike shed could be more useful.

The following are some of the best bike storage ideas:

Wallmount indoor bike storage hooks

This is the easiest bike storage idea in the list, as you can install wallmount hooks yourself. With utmost caution, drill into your wall and install the bike storage hooks. What’s good about this design is that it makes the hanging bike a part of the overall aesthetics of your living space. You may not notice at first glance, but your bike is there like a piece of art. It becomes a part of your room’s charm.

Two bike gravity storage racks

If you’re a couple and love to ride together into the sunset, it is likely you would have at least two bikes stashed somewhere in the house. If so, you can incorporate a gravity storage rack with your wall. It is good for two bikes. It enables you to hang your bikes safely and make them a part of your home interior’s design.

Quad bike rack

Here’s one idea that is ideal for the whole family—the Quad Bike Rack. It has four available racks for four bikes. It will look good in your garage or your bike storage shed. However, depending on your taste, you can also elect to have it inside your home.

Ceiling mounted bike lift

This one might look good inside your garage or your bike storage shed. Make sure that your shed roof is high enough and has provisions in the ceiling for the attachment of the mounted bike lift. If you can’t have your bike on your wall, then having it suspended in mid-air might be a good idea. However, you have to make sure it is properly installed, and be sure to warn other people in the house about the pieces of metal hanging in the air.

Dual touch bike pole

This is the opposite of the ceiling mounted bike lift and is a safer version of the two bike gravity storage rack because it is mounted on your floor. The dual touch bike pole will look good in your backyard. Just make sure that the bikes are safe from the elements. It will also look fine in your bike storage shed or your garage.

Timber bike hooks

If you want that rustic feel, timber bike hooks may be the one for you. You can have them in your home, garage, bike storage shed, or a covered backyard. They’re simple, clean, and functional.

Desk rack

How would you feel about a study table combined with a functional rack for a bike? The desk rack concept incorporates a slat above the table’s top, which is good enough to fit both wheels of the bike. A desk rack in your room, bike storage shed, or a comfy covered backyard sounds practical.

The dark horse rack

This fresh idea is not only practical but is also decorative and functional. It looks something like a hidden compartment on your wall that you can just pull down when you have to use your bike. Push it up, and the faux wall panel closes with your bike in it.

The kappo

Whilst this one looks absurd at first, it’s a winner by all accounts in creativity. The rack is of wooden make and shaped like an outline of the number nine. Installed on your wall, it can store gloves, helmet, and any bike accessory. On the hooked portion of the Kappo, you can hang the frame of your bike. It will definitely look good in your home, garage, or bike storage shed.

The bike shelf

Like the Kappo, the bike shelf is hung and installed on your wall. It looks like a box with an opening in the middle where the bike frame can fit in. On top, you can place books, a night lamp, or any lighter items. This may be installed in your living room, garage, or bike storage shed.

Shoes, books and bike

This looks more like a four-rack shelf, with its topmost portion big enough to fit a bike. On its side is a clamp where it can secure the back wheel of the bike, holding it in position. On the other hand, the lower smaller shelves can hold books and shoes. It will look good in your living room, garage, and bike storage shed.

The bike storage shed

What can be simpler than a bike shed? Basically, it’s like a garage for your bikes. Depending on your taste, you can also opt for a bigger shed, so you can incorporate the creative bike storage ideas mentioned above. In addition, you can store all the tools and accessories that you need for working on the repairs and improvement of your well-loved bikes.

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For active bike riders, their bicycles are a top priority. Not only do you want them well-maintained and in good working order; you also want to make sure they are safely and properly stored near the house so that you can use them anytime you want.
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