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The Top 5 Backyard Games for Summer

These days, it may seem like an impossible task to get your kids off their computers, mobiles, tablets and gaming consoles. Well, we’re here to help.

Get them away from their screens, and into the backyard with our top picks for outdoor fun that your kids are sure to love.

You may just want to join in too!

  • Croquet

    Croquet game
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    Croquet is a game that people of various skill level can play and is relatively simple to set up in your backyard. Croquet can be played by two, four or six players. The object of the game is to hit your ball through a course of six hoops/wickets in the correct order in each direction and finish by hitting the ball against a centre peg. The team which completes the course first with both balls wins. You can use simple U-shaped hooks or wickets, arrange them in any pattern you like and play to your heart’s content. Or get adventurous and have your kids make ramps and other obstacles to increase the difficulty and the FUN!

  • Bean Bag Toss

    Bean bag Toss

    A Bean Bag Toss is a simple, fun game and is great for developing hand-eye coordination. You don’t need much, just some bean bags for tossing and a target to aim for. Instead of buying bean bags, why not try and make your own? Find some colourful old socks, fill them with dried beans or rice, and tie off both ends. You don’t need a fancy wooden target, a basic hula hoop or even a circle of cardboard will do!

    As you and the kids get better at this, make it more challenging by moving the target further away. You can also try throwing backwards or using a blindfold!

  • Water Games

    Water Games
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    Cool off the sizzling summer days with some water games in the garden. Build this DIY Sprinkler Limbo to combine the fun of a sprinkler, with a game of limbo. This is perfect for small backyards and a game the kids and adults will both enjoy.

    There are also various water games, sprinklers and toys that you can enjoy in your backyard such as water balloons fights, water soakers wars and even water slides. Water games are a fun way to keep your kids active outdoors and keep cool in the hot Aussie summers. Just turn on the hose, and watch the kiddos’ faces light up!

  • Backyard Cricket

    Backyard Cricket
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    Backyard cricket is one of the top summer backyard games in Australia. It’s great fun for the whole family, and not much equipment is required. You may have memories of painting wickets onto your bin (I know I do) to use for your own game of backyard cricket! You can also use a tree stump, sticks or a garden pot. Use tennis balls for bowling, as they’re softer and unlikely to break anything.

    This game can get competitive, but is a great way to get all the family enjoying the backyard, and each other’s company!

  • Backyard Bowling

    Backyard Bowling
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    This is a great garden game that both kids and adults alike will love. You can buy an outdoor bowling set or make some pins from empty drink bottles and use any ball you already have lying around! Rules are the same as ten-pin bowling, but you can mix it up any way you like. Add obstacles, change the size of the ball, use your feet – be creative!

Encourage your kids to enjoy the outdoors with these summer backyard games. Once the kids start heading back inside, make cleaning up the yard easy with an EasyShed. Our steel garden storage sheds will help make your home and property orderly, as well as keep your garden shed contents secure. Browse our garden shed deals here.

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