What Can You Fit in a 3m x 3m Shed

What Can You Fit in a 3m x 3m Shed

If you’re thinking of ordering a shed, you might be wondering what is the right size shed for your needs. The most popular 3m shed is a 3m x 3m garden shed, but how can you be sure that you’ll be able to fit everything into that space?

In this article, we’re going to talk about what you can fit in your 3m X 3m shed so that you can be sure you’re purchasing the right size shed for your backyard.

Option One: Garden equipment storage

Probably the most popular use for a backyard shed is the storage of garden-related items. Everything from rakes, to hoses, to mulch, and more can fit in a 3 x 3 shed comfortably without looking overcrowded.

You can maximize the space in your backyard shed by hanging garden tools like shovels and trowels and other long items to free up more floor space. It can also be helpful to store soil and mulch in air-tight plastic containers that can be stacked. Not only will this allow you to store more items in your garden shed, but it will also protect your garden soil from burrowing animals.

With some gardening tools up on the walls, and other items stacked neatly, you’ll still have enough floor space to store other garden items like outdoor heaters, ladders, and a few items of lawn furniture when they’re not in use. You should still have some space for bulkier items like a push lawn-mower or wheelbarrow.

Here’s a full list of garden items that you should be able to fit in your 3m wide x 3m deep shed:

  • Pool equipment - chemicals, cleaning tools, etc
  • Potting soil, mulch, fertilizer
  • Flower pots and seed trays
  • Small gardening tools - hand rakes, spades, trowels, garden shears
  • Gardening gloves, hats, knee pads
  • Shovel, rake, hoe

Option Two: Larger machinery

There are some larger items that you might want to store in your backyard shed like ride-on mowers, ATVs, quad bikes, or dirt bikes. With a 3x3 storage shed, you could comfortably fit one ride-on mower, ATV, or quad bike, or two (maybe three) dirt bikes or motorcycles, depending on their specific sizes.

You might be able to fit a bit more in this space, but it’s best to keep things clutter free to prevent damage to your larger machinery.

Option Three: General workspace

If you’re looking for a backyard space to spend some time tinkering on your woodworking projects or setting up a repair shop, 3m x 3m is a great size shed for you.

You can buy a workbench or build your own that will give you plenty of space to work on your projects without making your shed look too crowded. For instance, any workbench that is smaller than 1800mm in length by 750mm will give you all the room you need to lay out your materials and get down to the details without sacrificing space in your shed.

One of the ways to maximize the space in your backyard shed would be to ensure that your workbench has built in storage. There are plenty of workbenches that come with drawers to house bolts, nails, and other smaller items. That way, your materials are organized and in-reach, and your shed doesn’t look cluttered.

Your other tools can be hung from the wall to free up your floor space. Cabinets are also a great way to store power tools and other bulky items.

Along the same lines, a 3x3 shed is also perfect as a hobby centre. If you’re a person who does a lot of crafts, you probably would like the opportunity to work on your projects in a quiet space outside of the home. With a slightly smaller workbench and storage for your materials, a 3m shed is perfect for your needs.

Option Four: Household storage

We could all benefit from a bit of decluttering in our homes, which is why using the most popular size shed, a 3m x 3m shed, for household storage is a great idea. You can store a wide variety of items in your backyard shed, from extra linens, to holiday decorations, to guest supplies, and more.

The best way to store household items in a backyard shed would be to store them in plastic stackable boxes and place them on metal shelves. A 3x3 can fit much more of your belongings than a standard garden shed, so you might want to invest in a few different shelving units.

Here are a few household items that you might store in your backyard shed:

  • Seasonal decorations
  • Rarely-used appliances
  • Extra linens
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Items that you need to store until they can be sold online

As with anything that you put in your shed, make sure that it is properly stored in durable plastic containers to prevent damage from pests.

Option Five: Auto parts & tools

You may not be able to fit an entire car in a 3m wide shed, for that you are best buying a Garage Shed. However, you can store your tools, extra tyres, and even an engine block in your shed. An auto storage shed is particularly useful for car enthusiasts who may do the majority of their work in the main garage, and need an extra space to store spare parts and equipment.

Option Six: Office space

Turning the backyard shed into an at-home office is becoming a more popular option for many Australians. And you can fit an entire home office in a 3m wide x 3m deep shed.

Here are a few things that you might need to set up your home office:

  • Work desk of about 160cm by 80cm
  • Comfortable chair
  • Printer or other equipment that you might need for your work
  • Some decorations to make the place a bit more appealing - a few plants, a standing lamp, etc

With all of these items, you’ll still feel that you’ve got some space to move around for your occasional work breaks.

Option Seven: Exercise equipment

It can be very motivating to get out to the backyard shed for your daily workouts, and with a 3x3, you’ll have the space for the perfect gym.

The key to setting up an exercise room in your backyard is minimalism. You might be able to fit three exercise machines in your 3m shed, but you’ll want to give yourself some breathing room. You might notice that commercial gyms tend to try to make the space look bigger with mirrors and overhead space, simply because exercising in open spaces is much more appealing.

Here are a few different layouts that you might create in your backyard gym:

  • Treadmill and a stationary bike
  • Rowing machine and dumbbell weight station
  • Elliptical machine and large gym ball
  • Stair climber machine and multifunctional weight machine

Even with these features in your backyard gym, you should still have space for a cool-down stretching area and water cooler. You might also want a wall-mounted fan to keep things nice and cool during your workout.

Option Eight: Art studio

No matter what type of art you practice, you probably know that art projects take a lot of space. If you’re into ceramics, you might need a wheel, a kiln, and plenty of storage for your tools, clay, in-progress pieces, and finished works. If you paint, you need a large work area where you can lay out your paints and brushes, an easel, and a place to store your unused and drying canvases. Sculpture, screen printing, photography, and all of the other mediums of art are similarly needy when it comes to space.

If you’re thinking about what you can fit in a 3m garden shed to transform it into the perfect backyard art studio, it will depend on your specific medium. But here are a few things that most artists can use and that will fit perfectly in a 3x3 size shed:

  • A large table to spread out supplies (about 100cm by 60cm is generally a good size)
  • A shelving unit for materials
  • An additional shelving unit for drying and finished projects (you might purchase one shelving unit that is 100cm by 175cm and another that is slightly smaller)
  • One or two chairs
  • A small bookshelf for art manuals and other inspiration (about 50cm by 70cm or smaller)

Option Nine: Meditation studio

Sure, you don’t need much space to meditate, but you’ll find that a 3x3 shed is actually the perfect size for a meditation studio. Obviously, you’ll have fewer items in a meditation studio than you would in a workshop or office space, but there are still a few essential items that you’ll want to fit into your meditation oasis:

  • A large area rug that covers as much of the floor as possible
  • Meditation pillows or floor cushions
  • A bookshelf or shelving unit to house candles, a music player, and other decorations
  • Soft lighting from lamps
  • A comfortable chair

As you can see, a meditation studio doesn’t require too many items, but when you try to fit them into a space that is smaller than 9m square, it’s easy to start feeling closed in. This sized space can feel airy and open, which is perfect for creating the zen atmosphere you need to meditate.

Option Ten: Multipurpose ideas

Of course, most people don’t use their backyard shed for just one thing. You might have household storage plus auto part storage plus garden supply storage in mind. And with a 3m x 3m shed, you really can have it all. Here are a few tips to organizing your space so that you can fit the most into your backyard shed:

  • Store like items together. A shed that is multi-use can get disorganized very quickly. You’re going to want to make sure that if you’re storing garden supplies and tools that those items have a clearly differentiated space. This might mean separate shelving units.
  • Make use of colour-coding. An easy way to identify your items is with clear colour-coding. Use plastic containers of different colours or with different colour lids so that you can see at a glance which bin holds your art supplies and which bin holds your auto parts.
  • Place the most used items closer to the door. Think about what you’re going to be using your shed for the most. Is it for your gardening supplies? Make sure those items are easily accessible so that you don’t feel like you’re fighting your way through a maze every time you enter your shed.

Tips for figuring out what you can fit in your 3x3 shed

If you’d still like a better idea of what you can fit in your 3x3 shed, we have a couple of exercises to share that will help you get a good picture.

First, you can go to your driveway with a piece of chalk and draw out the dimensions of your potential shed. For some people, it can be really helpful to stand in a virtual 3m x 3m shed so that they can visualize whether there will be enough space for all of their items. You can take it one step further by drawing in the sizes of the items that you’ll be placing in your shed. If you can’t fit it in with the chalk, well, you won’t be able to fit it in the actual shed.

Another exercise you can try would be to plot out your 3m garden shed on graph paper. Draw in all of the items that you’ll be storing in your shed. This will take a bit of extra math because you’ll have to make some conversions to get the right dimensions in your picture, but it will tell you once and for all if your items will fit in your shed.

If you’re looking for more ways to make the most of the space in your backyard, check out our recent article on maximizing the space in your outdoor shed.

What can you fit in your 3x3 shed? As it turns out, a lot!

We hope this list of things that you can fit in your 3m x 3m shed has inspired you to start creating your own plans for your backyard shed! Whether you’re looking for the perfect storage space, artistic getaway, or state-of-the-art gym right in your backyard, a 3m wide shed is a great size to fit all of your supplies, equipment, boxes, and more!

Already got a 3x3 shed? We’d love to hear what you’re storing in your space!